Sunday, August 9, 2009

Article on the HuffingtonPost (08/09/09)

Though the news can be deceptive, good things can and do come from Pakistan! The Chicago Council on Global Affairs has awarded the 2009 Patricia Blunt Koldyke Fellowship on Social Entrepreneurship to Shehzad Roy, Pakistani pop star and president and founder of the Zindagi Trust, an organization working to improve primary and secondary education in Pakistan.


  1. hi shehzad well done.........article is too deserve more praise....god bless u...

  2. You're truly a torch bearer for the youth of Pakistan which needs to realise that we do have the power to influence our society ! May God help you in your task !

  3. Man!Where there is power, there is always a big responsibility. u have a wise head on young shoulders... but i would like to say that,Ritribution and attribution goes on with life, but the purity of the cause is rewarded by human and awarded by Allah.
    jeetay raho...