Sunday, November 22, 2009

Govt taking steps for education (11/23/09)

The News
Monday, November 23, 2009

RENOWNED singers Shehzad Roy and Jawad Ahmed called on Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif here on Sunday.

During the meeting, Shehzad Roy said that after Karachi, the Zindagi Trust would make two schools in Punjab centres of excellence out of which one would be set up in Lahore and the other in southern Punjab.

According to a handout, the chief minister said the Punjab government would extend all-out cooperation to the singers in their efforts for the promotion of education. He said both the schools should be of the highest standard. He commended the Zindagi Trust for the promotion of education and added that the Punjab government was attaching top priority to the uplift of education sector and revolutionary measures were being taken for the purpose.

The CM said that in order to provide quality education to people, Danish Schools were being set up in the far-flung and backward areas of the province. He said that the schools would not only be of the highest standard of education but free boarding and lodging facilities would also be provided to the poor students. He said the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund had been established for polishing the talent of promising students. Mrs Shaista Pervez Malik and Schools Secretary Aslam Komboh were also present.
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  1. Man! it is saying that " now the world is getting bad place to live in , not because of bad people but due to the silence of the good people" but i think ur efforts would be prove as a bellweather for the change at the state level. jetay raho...

  2. Dear Shehzad Roy,

    I am trying to contact you and writing here in the hope that you would read this. I am a Pakistani studying Computing at UNSW, Sydney and I am passionate about spreading quality education in Pakistan. I just want to find out what you guys are doing regarding curriculum development. I know it's very important, and I want to contribute. I have an idea that I want to share. If you could just send me an email at z3308902 (at) or at lodhi79(at) ... I am looking forward to discussing this idea with you.

    And I must say I appreciate what you are doing. It's the only way we can change what needs to change.