Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pakistani pop star uses music to educate (11/13/09)

Pakistani pop star uses music to educate
for the Chicago Tribune
by Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah

Shehzad Roy, 32, a Pakistani pop star turned humanitarian, was in Chicago last week as the Chicago Council on Global Affairs' 2009 Koldyke fellow. Winner of two Pakistani MTV awards and the youngest-ever recipient of one of Pakistan's highest honors, Roy started Zindagi Trust in 2002, raising funds through concerts and offering underprivileged kids a chance to get a quality education with his "I am Paid to Learn" schools. He is now working at reforming the country's public school system.

Q Why did a rock star decide to reform Pakistani schools?

A Why not? One of my cousins used to come.......

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  1. I hope this recognition aids further in your wonderful mission !

  2. Look man!if Good deeds never goes unpunished then obviously would not remain unrewarded too...
    kind regards...